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ITTIA DB SQL ist eine Relationale Datenbank geeignet für den Einsatz auf Embedded Systemen. Ihre Verwendung ist plattform-unabhängig, wodurch der gleichzeitige Zugriff von einem beliebigen Betriebssystem mit einem beliebigen Prozessorkern möglich ist. Je nach Anforderungsprofil gibt es die Software in unterschiedlichen Leistungsklassen als Libraries oder als Source-Code.

Anwendungen, die mit ITTIA DB SQL erstellt wurden, sind sehr robust, äusserst zuverlässig und schnell, unabhängig davon, ob auf die Daten direkt in einer lokalen Datei oder über eine Client/Server-Verbindung zugegriffen wird.

Embedded: Die Datenbank kann auch ohne Betriebssystem eingesetzt werden.

Fast: Die Datenbankzugriffe (Insert, Select, Update und Delete) sind bei kleinen wie auch grossen Datenmengen immer äusserst performant.

Reliable: Automatisches Crash-Recovery und CRC-Integritychecks stellen sicher, dass ein Stromausfall nicht zu einem Totalausfall führt.

Compatibility: Auf die Datenbank kann mittels SQL, ODBC und ADO.NET zugegriffen werden.

Support: Nutzen Sie das Fachwissen der ITTIA Datenbank-Experten

ITTIA DB Features

ACID transaction logging
Automatic crash recovery using write-ahead logging (WAL). Supports high-performance commit modes such as group commit.
Disk and Memory Tables
Store performance-critical tables entirely in memory, and store large tables on disk with automatic page-based caching.
Indexed search
Fast, scalable B+ tree and T-tree indexes give applications fast access to data, whether it's 100 records or 100 thousand.
Run-time SQL query engine
ITTIA DB implements ANSI SQL-89 and much of SQL 2003.
ODBC is a standard interface for executing SQL queries from practically any programming language. ODBC also enables access to ITTIA DB database files by numerous ODBC-compliant applications.
Portable C, C++, Java, C#, ADO.NET APIs
All products in the ITTIA DB family utilize the same portable file format and programming interfaces.
Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, etc.)
ITTIA DB supports Linux, Windows CE, is easily ported to custom operating systems, and can even be used with no OS.
No database administration
The database is deployed with an application, so it is invisible to end-users.
Small run-time footprint, high performance
Bounded run-time memory, configurable at run-time, gives applications predictable resource utilization with minimum overhead.
Excellent support for flash media
Data is buffered in memory to automatically reduce flash wear.
Multi-threaded and client/server shared access
Row-level locking and isolation levels, features typically found in enterprise databases, enable high-performance concurrency without manual locking.
Strong data type support
Store numbers, text, dates, and times without risk of read errors.
Internationalization support
Support for UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32 Unicode strings. Store text in the database in compact UTF-8 format with automatic conversion to UTF-16 wchar_t type in the API.
Dynamic schema alteration
Create tables and add columns at run-time - no need to recompile.

Feature Comparison

ITTIA DB is a family of products for high-performance relational data storage on embedded systems and devices. Each edition of ITTIA DB is specifically designed and developed to meet the requirements of a certain class of embedded systems and devices. ITTIA DB is available in both binary and source code packages.

Feature Compact Standard Plus
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Transaction rollback Yes Yes Yes
Disk tables and file storage
Yes Yes Yes
Memory tables and storage
Yes Yes
Strongly-typed tables Yes Yes Yes
B+ tree and/or T-tree indexes Yes Yes Yes
Platform-independent file format Yes Yes Yes
SQL Yes Yes
ODBC Yes Yes
Java API
ADO.NET data adapter, C# API Yes
Client/server shared access Yes
Multi-threaded shared access Yes
Storage-level locking * Yes Yes
Row-level locking and isolation Yes
Optimistic online backup * Yes Yes
Hot online backup
* Yes
Replication through file sharing * Yes Yes
Network replication * Yes
Recovery logging * Yes Yes
Dynamic schema alteration Yes* Yes Yes
Encryption callbacks * Yes Yes
Change notification * Yes Yes
Sequences * Yes Yes
BLOB data type * Yes Yes
Unicode data type Yes* Yes Yes
Automatic type conversion * Yes Yes

* This feature can be enabled or disabled in the ITTIA DB source code package. Optional features are disabled in the binary package.

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ITTIA DB Features


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